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Simply better.

Our founder always wanted to get better. So he invested a lot of extra time to set up broadly. And what he learned in the process, he transferred into a system for management and leadership. 
This system and experience make us, and therefore you as our customer, unbeatable.

Whether start-up, medium-sized or large company, our system is scalable and already contains extensive, standardized content, but at the same time leaves room for individual issues.

In addition, in the area of human resources, we focus on organizational structure, processes and the search for and development of talents.

Our academy offers numerous possibilities of trainings for individuals and groups as well as webinars, seminars, subscriptions and events.

Use individual opportunities or entire programs as it suits you.


Network with us and others to pick up momentum and make the world and yourself simply better.

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Our mission is to empower you.


years of professional experience


in management systems


contacts to leaders


success rate

to grow and sustain

Corporate management.

For example, corporate vision, leadership, change, ISO 9001, organizational structure, process organization, swot analysis, corporate objectives, development of markets, sales strategy, reviews, communication and much more. 

Management system.

By using our approach, you achieve holistic coverage of all company needs. Within a standard, there is room for your individual requirements, but you ensure that all employees work efficiently and are more satisfied at all times.

Leaders´Biz as a brand of the "" has its focus on accompanying companies and people who want to improve themselves.


For companies we offer management consulting, personnel services and training.
We would like to particularly emphasize our management system, which represents a holistic approach.
But we also undertake individual assignments, such as personnel recruitment.


For talented people who want to pursue a career or apply for a job, we provide extensive opportunities. 
"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." - Napoleon Hill


Our publishing house offers professional literature and presentations on various topics.

Our sister companies are:

  • Grow Sustain: Makes investment projects, especially for sustainable and special ideas that revolutionize the market.
    We advise on top level e.g. financing, vision and strategy.
    Investors, shareholders, founders, CEOs, executives and project managers from all over the world trust us.

  • YuuMan: Here we work out your management system based on M365. We automate and calibrate your individual system using the standards. By means of explanatory videos we teach the use of our management system.

  • YuuniDo: IT governance, change and the refinement of the office world for more efficient use. Of course also using the management system for more transparency and maximum success.

Our Core Values

We practice what we teach.


Our cornerstones are honesty and strong moral principles.


We take responsibility and let ourselves be measured against it.


We strive for knowledge and improvement for your success.


We are committed to the highest level of engagement for our customers.


We love what we do. On short, we are on fire for our customers.

A strong group - networked worldwide.

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