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Initiative Application (m/f/d)

Experience since 2004 at top level for start-ups, mid-sized companies and corporations.
We are a small group of companies under the brand and operate internationally.

  • Leaders´Biz Management specializes in business management, human resources and knowledge building. With the management system developed at university level and tested in practice, we offer our clients a unique selling proposition of the highest class.

  • GrowSustain is specialized in investments, projects and their management up to the higher three-digit million range. Extraordinary ideas and projects are made successful here. 

  • YuuMan specializes in automating and mediating our management system based on M365, so that our customers can work in an integrated and transparent way within the framework of digitalization.

  • YuuniDo specializes in M365 and creates added value through the consistent implementation and refinement of office products that increase efficiency in the company. Governance and change management form the basis of modern IT.


Your tasks

  • Describe for us the tasks you have performed so far.

  • Describe to us what tasks you would like to perform.

  • Describe to us what responsibilities you would like to take on.

  • Describe to us your goals for the next few years.

Your profile

  • Describe to us what you have developed your professional passion for.

  • Describe yourself as a person and your personal qualities.

  • Describe which professional and social skills make you particularly qualified for your job.

  • Describe to us how you interact in the team.

What you can expect

  • For us, error and learning culture is lived practice from human to human.

  • We only work for customers who have high moral values and a special position in the market.

  • We strive for a digitalization level of 4, which implies that our employees can operate independently of locations, but still seek proximity to the customer.

  • Fair pay, suitable working time models and further development of your skills are just as much a matter of course for us as state-of-the-art technology and software.

Let's talk about your expectations.

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